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Incipient Fault Localization and Classification for Transmission Lines using Neural Intelligent Technique

Authors: Biobele A. Wokoma, Dikio C. Idoniboyeobu, Christopher O. Ahiakwo and Sepribo L. Braide

Waste Chicken Feathers as Sorbents for Hydrocarbon and Non-Hydrocarbon Spills

Authors: Kaine Chinwah, Juliet Gift-Onyesoh Adewale Adeyemi

Kinetic Parameters Estimation for Hydrocracker Reactor using Five Lumps Reaction Scheme

Authors: Adeloye, Olalekan Michael, Akpa, Jackson Gonurubon, Dagde, Kenneth Kekpugile, Ehirim, Emmanuel Odionyegbuechua, Igbagara, Princewill Woyinbrakemi

Voltage Optimization of PV/Wind Hybrid Renewable Energy System using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Logic Technique

Authors: Peace B. Biragbara, Dikio C. Idoniboyeobu, Christopher O. Ahiakwo, Sepiribo L. Braide and Hachimenum N. Amadi

Performance Evaluation of a Counter Flow Wet Cooling Tower Using Latin Square Design

Authors: Adenuga, Peter, Wordu, Animia A., Ehirim, Emmanuel O. and Adenuga, Ronke