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The Journal of Newviews in Engineering and Technology is a quarterly Journal of the Faculty of Engineering, Rivers State University, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. JNET publishes original research papers and technical reviews. The journal publishes original peer-viewed scientific researched papers in all areas of Engineering and Technology. Article must have new findings which bridge gap between research, development, manufacturing and industrial applications. Articles of interdisciplinary nature at the interface of Science and Engineering will also be published. Basic research and experimental papers are welcome as either Regular Articles Short Communications or Reviews. It has an international acclaimed editorial board with extensive academic qualifications, ensuring that journal maintains high standards with a broad international coverage. Our Editorial Board and international subject editors can be viewed on our website (ISSN 2787 0235).

Editorial Board

Engr. Prof. (Mrs.) F. Taiwo Ademiluyi (Chairman)

Engr. Prof. J. G. Akpa (Dean)

Engr. Prof. M. F. N. Abowei

Engr. Prof. K. D. H. BobManuel

Engr. Dr. Ibiba Douglas

Engr. Prof. M. J. Ayotamuno

Engr. Prof. S. O. Nkakini

Engr. Prof. C. O. Ahiakwo

Ass. Prof Christian Chukwu Uwalwe (USA)

Engr. Dr. R. Kogbara (USA)

Engr. Prof. D. C. Idoniboyeobu

Engr. Prof. M. E. Ephraim

Engr. Prof. I. Ologhadien

Engr. Dr. S. Orike

Dr. V.C Anireh

Engr. Prof B.T. Lebele-Alawa

Engr. Prof. J. I. Sodiki

Prof. Joel Ogbonna (Uniport)

Engr. Dr. C. G. Nmegbu

Engr. Dr. B. Nkoi (Secretary)

Engr. J. D. Enoch (Web Admin)