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Exergy and Non-linear Gas Path Analysis of a Gas Turbine Power Plant

Authors: Nkoi, B., Adike, J. A. and Lebele-Alawa, B. T.

Performance Improvement of Propane Refrigeration Unit in a Liquefied Natural Gas Plant

Authors: Barango, L..A., Sodiki, J. I., Nkoi, B. and Keribo, K. F.

Application of Swarm Intelligence Approach for Improved Power System Diagnosis

Authors: Ojuka, O. E., Ahiakwo, C. O, Idoniboyeobu, D. C., and Braide, S. L.

Laboratory Investigation of Effects of Nanoparticles and Carbon Dioxide Flooding on Heavy Crude Recovery

Authors: Edet, Emmanuel A. Nmegbu, Chukwuma Godwin J. and Wopara, Fedelis O.

Energy and Exergy Analysis of Steam Generation Unit of a Petrochemical Plant

Authors: Nkoi, B., Lebele-Alawa, B. T. and Offiaguile, A. J.