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Biogas Production from Municipal Solid Waste: An Energy Imperative for Nigeria

Authors: Asinyetogha H. Igoni, Ibiye D. Amafabia, Davidson D. Davis

Comparative Study: Biochars from Elaeis Guineensis Biomasses activated with HCl for Optimum Produced Water Treatment

Authors: Dune, Kingdom K., Ademiluyi, F. T. , Nmegbu, G. C. J., Dagde, Kenneth K, & Nwosi-Anele, A. S.

Evaluation of Tractor Fuel Efficiency Parameters Variability during Ploughing Operations

Authors: Raymond Alex Ekemube, Silas Ovua Nkakini, Asinyetogha Hilkiah Igoni, and Jackson Gunorubon Akpa